Civilization Collapses

by ObiShawnKenobi



A message to the future survivors of the apocalypse...


Just in case I'm dead already
let me introduce myself,
I come from a day where society and religion
are standing in the way...
Of our freedom, and realization of the self...
I hope we didn't blow it for you,,,,
but I have no regrets and I won't apologize.
I never fit into this world anyway,
society is always standing in the way,
maybe if I see the day that civilization collapses I'll feel like I belong.
Now I'm traveling through time and space to talk to you,
I am an Earthling more than American.
I will fold my hands and smile while it all ends,
'cuz I am not sorry....
Time keeps flowing away...
Now is all that matters...


released September 11, 2011
Shawn Bowen-electronics, guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


Shawn Bowen Sarasota, Florida

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